Telecommunications Engineer with specialisation in electronics by the Polytechnic University of Valencia (2002-2007) and PhD in Biomedical Engineering (2010) by the same university for his research on the application of advanced image processing techniques to magnetic resonance imaging.

In the professional aspect he is founder and director of the spin-off company QUIBIM (Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers in Medicine), dedicated to the advanced analysis of medical images using artificial intelligence. He previously held the position of Scientific-Technical Director of the Biomedical Imaging Research Group at La Fe Health Research Institute and R & D engineer (2007-2012) and coordinator of biomedical engineering (2012-2014) of Grupo Hospitalario Quirón, the leading private healthcare provider in Spain.

In the research field, he is the author of more than 60 scientific articles in prestigious international journals and inventor of 3 patents. He is also the author of more than 80 communications to international congresses, editor of 2 international books and author of 15 book chapters. He has participated in a large number of research projects and clinical trials. He is an active member of several scientific societies, among which stands out his participation as a member of the Board of Directors of the European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics (EUSOMII) and member of the e-Health Committee of the European Society of Radiology. He is also a member of the management team of the e-Health working group of the Official College of Telecommunications Engineers.

In the teaching area, he is a collaborating professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in the direction of end-of-career projects, dissertations and doctoral theses and of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the University of Valencia as professor of Advanced Medical Imaging. He teaches seminars in the Master of Biomedical Engineering of the University of Zaragoza and the Master of Advances in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiology of the University of Granada.

In 2012 he was awarded by the Polytechnic University of Valencia with the Best PhD Award in the area of ​​ICT and by the European Society of Radiology with the Best Scientific Paper Award for his advances in the application of engineering to the study of cardiovascular remodeling. In 2013 he received the European Pro-Academy Prize award, which is awarded to the scientific leaders of exemplary groups in science and academic life. In 2014 he was recognized by the European Society of Radiology with the award for the best scientific contribution in the field of oncology. In 2015, he was appointed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as one of the young innovators under the age of 35 to be considered.